The TEKEVER AR3 is a shipborne UAS designed to support multiple types of maritime and land-based missions, including ISTAR, pollution monitoring, infrastructure surveillance and communications support operations.

Because of its endurance of more than 16 hours, the TEKEVER AR3 is a perfect fit to support both maritime and medium range land missions.

TEKEVER AR3 main capabilities

  • Real time retrieval, processing and transmission of high definition video from multiple EO and IR sensors

  • 10h endurance with LoS Communications range of up to 80Km, ideal for vessel-based maritime missions

  • Wide range of payload and sensor options according to each mission’s specific requirements

  • Reduced logistics footprint, ideal for the most demanding tactical scenarios
  • Extremely easy to assemble, operate and store, assuring excellent readiness conditions

  • Launched with highly mobile catapult system, that can be carried in a small rugged case

  • Shipborne: Fully tested for launch and retrieval from small vessels, providing an easily deployable extender for shipborne sensors
  • All-terrain retrieval using deployable parachute and airbags for sensor protection


Wide Area Surveilance

Near Shore and Maritime Missions

mission wide areas search
  • Autonomous surveillance of large maritime and land areas, with onboard multi-sensor pattern detection
  • Multi-mission support, including border protection, fire surveillance and infrastructure monitoring
mission maritime
  • Support for wide area oil spill detection missions
  • Multi-sensor fusion and specialised support to Search and Rescue operations
  • Prepared for anti-piracy and traffic control missions
  • Support to fisheries inspection using high precision sensors

Infrastructure Monitoring

Communications support

mission infrastructure
  • Long range monitoring of large infrastructures, like pipelines or aerial electricity networks
  • Real-time threat detection, both on the infrastructure and its vicinity
  • Support to problem and vulnerability identification using multiple types of sensors
mission communications relay
  • Range extender for land-based communications infrastructure
  • Support for "over the hill" or beyond radio line of sight missions
  • Detection and location of ground-based communications

ISTAR Mission

Environmental Surveillance

mission istar
  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Target Acquisition
mission environment
  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Wildlife protection
  • Anti-poaching missions

Meet the TEKEVER AR3

Being extremely easy to assemble and operate, the TEKEVER AR3 provides flexible payload options and 16h endurance with a very reduced logistics footprint, making it ideal for the most demanding tactical scenarios.

Technical data


Wingspan   350 cm
Length   170 cm
Weight (Empty)   14 kg
MTOW   23 kg
Payload   4 kg
AR3 Net Ray Side View


Endurance   up to 16 h
Operational Range   100 km (54 NM)
Cruising speed   85 km/h
Maximum Speed   140 km/h
Launch   Catapult
Recovery   Parachute or net
Operation Modes   Autonomous or assisted


Kind/Type   Bungee
Length   350 cm
Transportation   60L rugged case


Combustion Engine   Unleaded petrol