The TEKEVER AR4 is the ideal equipment for Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions.

User friendliness, easy transportation and intuitive operation are only a few of features this best-in-class UAS has to offer.

TEKEVER AR4 main capabilities

  • Fixed wing mini UAS designed for ISTAR Missions
  • Focus on ease of use, transportability, maintainability and payload flexibility
  • Validated and battle proven by multiple security and military forces
  • Real-time Precision Imagery (High-resolution Image and Video)
  • Powerful intelligent detection, identification and tracking capabilities
  • Entire system (vehicle, onboard and ground systems and comms) developed by TEKEVER, and is ITAR Free
  • Fully modular system, supporting immediate parts interchange, even with other product lines
  • Focus on system autonomy, flexibility and capability to evolve
  • Commercially launched at Farnborough 2012, having been the first UAS to ever to perform regular daily flights during the Airshow


ISTAR Missions

Environmental Surveillance

mission istar
  • Intelligence
  • Surveillance
  • Target Acquisition
mission environment
  • Fire detection and prevention
  • Wildlife protection
  • Anti-poaching missions

Anti-terrorist Surveillance

Infrastructure Monitoring

mission terror
  • Continuous surveillance of sensitive areas, with automatic pattern recognition for target detection
  • Long endurance target monitoring using multiple systems
  • Wide array of payload options to support different operational environments
mission infrastructure
  • Long range monitoring of large infrastructures, like pipelines or aerial electricity networks
  • Real-time threat detection, both on the infrastructure and its vicinity
  • Support to problem and vulnerability identification using multiple types of sensors

The TEKEVER AR4 in the field

The TEKEVER AR4 was deployed in support of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) peacekeeping mission.

Technical data

Available payload capacity

210 cm
135 cm
4 kg
up to 1 kg


Cruising speed   54 km/h
Endurance   up to 2 h
Maximum Speed   54 km/h
Launch   Hand Launched
Retrieval   Parachute
Navigation   Autonomous


A complete TEKEVER AR4 system can be carried in one rugged 100L transport case or one military-grade backpack.

Control Station

Multiple GCS options, including:

  • PC-based Mobile GCS
  • Rugged Tablets
  • COTS Windows, Android and iOS devices

Payload Options

The AR4 supports numerous types of sensors, including

  • Multiple options for EO sensors, with definitions up to 4K and different zoom levels
  • Multiple near-infrared to LWIR sensors, including ITAR and non-ITAR controlled options
  • Laser illuminators
  • Communication relay systems
  • Biological and chemical analysers